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Checklist for Home Football Game Volunteers

The checklist is designed to familiarize both new and returning volunteers of the requirements for Home Football Games.

Preparing for the Game (approximately at 5:30 pm)

The following items should be assembled outside of the Band Room (adjacent to tarmac) for transportation to the stadium by the Pit Crew at around 6pm:

  • Small rolling cooler tote filed with 15 water bottles, brown serving trays and small ‘snack size’ cups (this is to be served ahead of the Band proceeding to the field to play)

  • Two large coolers filled with 140 bottles of water (this is to be served during the third quarter) Collect ice from cafeteria in orange cooler and tip into large cooler only when outside, other wise they are too heavy to lift!

  • Fill the two orange coolers with iced water, collect a supply of water cups to have available ahead of third quarter ‘break’

  • Individual snacks to be served in the third quarter.

    Confirm color of plume with Mr. Minnick before taking to the field (blue or white.)

  • Two carrying cases of plumes and gauntlets. Gloves are to be worn at all times when handling plumes. Plumes are inserted into marching hat and gauntlets are put on during the second quarter, typically 10 minutes before half time and ahead of the performance. Do this in the warm up area in the stadium before  serving the water.

  • One clear box to use to drop plumes in when removing them from hats, prior to putting them back in their cases.

  • Medical Person collect First Aid bag and Emergency Forms from Mr. Minnick’s office. These two items should accompany the Band at all times and so should be walked to the stadium.

  • 50/50 Raffle tickets and bucket.

  • Have a supply of hand warmers available for when temperature falls.

  • Trash bags should be taken to stadium.

    A number of volunteers are required to block access to the parking lots so that the Band can march safely to the stadium.

After the Game

  • After game all items should be emptied, wiped dry and returned to the proper location. 

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