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Checklist for Competition/Away Event Chaperones

The following checklist is designed to familiarize new and returning volunteers with the activities involved in chaperoning an event at a location other than BWHS.

Preparation for Loading

The items listed should be assembled outside of the side exit from the Band Room for the Pit Crew to load onto the vehicles traveling to the event: 

  • Two coolers filled with water bottles and ice.
  • Small brown rolling tote with 15 bottles, small snack cups and brown trays for the ‘water' before the performance.
  • Additional trays of water bottles, if required, to allow for a drink on arrival.
  • Trash bags.
  • Two black plume carrying cases and clear plastic tote to ‘collect’ plumes in after the performance. Four plastic totes with Gauntlets.
  • Any props that are being used in the performance.
  • Ensure cell phone numbers are exchanged for volunteers on each bus.
  • Make sure all students are wearing black or white socks - depending on uniform. 

On the Bus

  • Count number of students on bus.
  • If necessary, remind the Drum Major assigned to your bus that "Silent Bus" should be strictly observed for the first 5 and last 5 minutes of the trip.
  • Monitor students to ensure their safety and well being. 
  • Take a note of the bus driver’s cell phone number. 

At the Event Site

  • Chaperone students to seating or warm-up area as applicable.
  • Distribute plumes and gauntlets as well as any other props that are being used.
  • Hand out a ‘smallcup’ of water just before performance.
  • Collect plumes, gauntlets and props after performance, except for Drum Majors, Band Captain and Drum Captain.
  • Serve water and a snack after instruments have been put away.

Leaving Event Site 

  • Count students back onto bus, Anyone leaving with their parents must have Mr. Minnick’s permission and must leave their Marching Uniform with another student responsible to return it to school!
  • Make sure students strictly observe "Silent Bus" for the first 5 and last 5 minutes of the trip.
  • Monitor students as before. 

On return to school

  • Return all items to the uniform closet, ensuring coolers are wiped dry and left open to vent.
  • Assist with monitoring uniform return.

If any supplies are running low and if you have questions, then always, please contact the volunteer coordinator

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.