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Marching Band

The Marching Band season starts with Band Camp in early August and runs through the end of the football season in November. The Falcon Regiment performs at football games and in band competitions around the region. In addition to the marching band, the unit features the Falconaires , a flag and rifle corps. Students who join the Falcon Regiment participate in one of the largest and most well-respected marching band in Loudoun County.

A major goal of this organization is to prepare students for college marching band which is, for many, one of the most memorable and worthwhile college experiences. The Falcon Regiment accepts all musicians, including guitarists and pianists. In addition to the marching performers, the Falcon Regiment includes a non-marching percussion section, called the "pit". These members play the marimbas, xylophones, timapani, guitars, electronic piano, and other rhythm instruments. Each year, the composition of the pit varies based on the music selected and student participation.

Band Camp 

During Band Camp, students learn how to march and work on both the music and the drill (marching choreography) for the season's show. In addition, the Music Boosters Association  funds clinicians to assist with the different band sections to to help the students perfect marching and musical skills.

The Big Show

The marching show is usually programmed with thematic material from classical, popular, or motion picture music, creating a total show concept. The show is performed during halftime at home football games and during the competitions that take place during the fall. While we encourage students to focus on the Falcon Regiment, Mr. Minnick does make allowances for participation in fall and spring sports.


Members of the Falcon Regiment have marching uniforms assigned and fitted individually, each year. Each student also receives a band T-shirt (included in band fees). Dry cleaning fees for marching uniforms and concert attire is part of overall band fees. This cost is not covered by the school system. For some shows, units within the Falcon Regiment may wear something other than the school marching band uniform in order to match the theme of the show. For these instances, students may be asked to buy part or all of the costume; whatever clothing is purchased by the student is property of the student.

To promote a uniform look, all band members are asked to wear the same shoes. In August, black and white marching band shoes are ordered for new students and those that do not have a pair that fits. The cost is about $40 a pair. Once purchased, shoes are the property of the student. The black shoes may be used by the boys for all band concerts (Symphonic, Jazz, All-District, All-State), but must be purchased in August.

The Music Booster Association handles the ordering of these shoes and the fitting of the uniforms.

Upcoming Marching Band Events

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