• 2014 LCPS Jazz Festival: "Superior" Rating for Jazz I and "Excellent" Rating for Jazz II
  • 2013 LCPS Jazz Festival: "Excellent" Rating for Jazz I and Jazz II
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Jazz Bands

Popular in concerts and competitions around the area, the music of Jazz Ensembles I and II runs the gamut from traditional jazz to modern jazz/rock fusion. Whether it's through the sounds of Woody Herman or Earth, Wind & Fire, our Jazz Ensembles never fail to delight an audience. Students are encouraged to show off their musical talents in one of the Jazz ensembles. Jazz Band I is the premier ensemble and is selected by audition only. To promote a uniform group appearance, students are required to buy the jazz performance shirt in order to perform in either the Jazz Band I or Jazz Band II. The student can select his or her own "jazz name" to be stitched into the shirt.

Upcoming Jazz Band Events

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