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All-District and All-State Bands

One of the most significant accomplishments of a student's musical journey through High School is selection to the All-District and All-State Bands. Mr. Minnick views All-District and All-State as the highest achievement for his students and strongly encourages all band students to audition for All-District.

There are two All-District functions - Concert Band and Jazz Band. In the late Fall, auditions are held for All-District Concert Band, which includes all High Schools within Loudoun County. Students must be able to play scales, a prepared piece, and a sight-reading piece. Percussion students must be proficient in snare, timpani, and mallets. Those students who make the top chairs (the number varies by instrument), are eligible to audition for the All-State Orchestra, Winds and Concert Band. Briar Woods consistently has students selected to perform at the All-State performances.

Loudoun County also has an All-District Jazz Band. Auditions have been held in late winter but this may change in the coming years to earlier in the school year. Briar Woods students are consistently selected to the All-District Jazz band. We strongly encourage your student to make All-District and All-State a priority -- not only for the prestige of being selected and performing, but for the challenge to better your child's musical skills and self-confidence.

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