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Band Fees

The award-winning Briar Woods Band and Color Guard Programs enrich our students' school experience and future lives in many ways. To provide these high-quality music programs is an expensive undertaking and the funding that we receive from Loudoun County Public Schools covers only a portion of those costs. We must also secure significant additional funding from Student Band Fees and Booster-sponsored Fund Raising Activities in order to cover the cost of our programs.

The following are typical band fees for an academic year:

Basic Band Fee (all band and color guard students must pay this fee)  $100.00 
Additional Marching Band Fee  $135.00 
Marching Band Shoes Black & White $38.00
Costume Fees (Falconaires, Winter Guard, Percussion) varies
Winter Guard/Winter Drumline varies
Jazz Band Bowling Shirt  $40.00
Instrument Rental per semester $50.00
Jazz Band Fee $25.00

In many cases the student band fees go toward purchasing items that they will keep, such as clothing and shoes. Band fees also help to cover the following expenses:

  • Specialized music and drill instruction
  • Alteration, dry cleaning, repair and replacement of concert attire and marching uniforms
  • Instrument and equipment repair and replacement
  • Band and marching t-shirts
  • Music and folders
  • Program licensing and competition fees
  • Water and snacks for band camp, away events and home football games
  • Carts and vehicles to transport equipment on and off the competition field
  • The outfitting of the band trailer and procuring rental trucks for hauling band equipment to performance and competition venues

Band fees are due at the beginning of the school year. Failure to pay the required fees on time will prevent your student from fully participating in band activities such as traveling on approved band trips and receiving band attire. Failure to pay fees by the end of the school year could in affect their student's eligibility to be an officer. Please make a point to pay all fees on time.

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