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Harris Teeter VIC Card

Harris Teeter's "Together in Education" program is a fundraiser for schools (public or private - preschool through 12th grade) in our communities. When customers purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using their VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchase dollars to the schools of their choice. Schools use the money as they see fit on anything from basic supplies to band equipment or computers. You can link your VIC card to up to FIVE schools and Harris Teeter will evenly distribute funds to each school. The BWHS Music Boosters Association VIC charity number is:


Remember, you need to re-link your VIC card every school year! Click on Together in Education  to go to Harris Teeter's site. From there, you simply login using your email address and then can select code 5981. Just pop on over  right now -- it only takes a minute!

The Music Boosters support the Briar Woods Band Programs largely through the help of our parent volunteers. The Harris Teeter VIC Card program is planned and supervised each year by just such a volunteer. Click here to see what it takes to be the Harris Teeter VIC Card Coordinator.

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