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Citrus Sale

As one of our major fund raising events for the year, the Fall Citrus Fruit Sale is the band equivalent of the annual Girl Scout Cookie sale. For this event, students and parents sell fruit to friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, etc. The Boosters Association receives a predetermined percentage of the toal sales. Good, old-fashioned salesmanship is the key to success.

In the Fall, each student receives a packet containing a price sheet, product description, and an order form. Students return the order forms and monies collected to school on the specified date -- usually in mid-October. These materials are collected by the coordinator, assembled, and submitted to the vendor. Once the order is placed, a delivery date is selected.

The fruit is delivered by truck to Briar Woods on the appointed day and the orders are picked up by the students and parents. It is the responsibility of each family to fulfill the orders by delivering the fruit to the customers who placed the orders.

The Music Boosters support the Briar Woods Band Programs largely through the help of our parent volunteers. The Citrus Sale Event is planned and supervised each year by just such a volunteer. Click here to see what it takes to be the Citrus Sale Coordinator.

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