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Falcon Regiment Ride Share Forum

Falcon Regiment Band Camp Ride Share Forum

Welcome to the BWHS Band Camp Ride Share Forum powered by! From this page you can:

  • Offer a ride in your car
  • Find a ride with someone else

How to proceed

  1. Find which Zone you live in on the map shown below. Click anywhere on the map to see the full-size version.
  2. Click on the corresponding link from the list of zones, either above or beneath the map. This will take you to the Group Carpool page for that zone.
  3. On that site, you can Add a Car, Join a Car, or Join the Wait list. If you're only going one way, you can also indicate that when filling out your brief contact information.
  4. Monitor your emails. The site will keep you informed by sending you messages when someone joins or leaves your car.

Happy Ride Sharing!

Click on one of these links to participate in the Ride Share for that zone:

Zone 1 | Zone 2 | Zone 3 | Zone 4 | Zone 5 | Zone 6 | Zone 7 | Zone 8 | Zone 9 | Zone 10 | Zone 11 | Zone 12

BWHS Band Camp Ride Share Zones

Zone 1 | Zone 2 | Zone 3 | Zone 4 | Zone 5 | Zone 6 | Zone 7 | Zone 8 | Zone 9 | Zone 10 | Zone 11 | Zone 12


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