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Music Boosters


The Briar Woods High School Music Boosters Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the BWHS Band Programs. We are a parent/student organization that provides volunteer support to all the BWHS Band Programs and fund raising support for equipment, uniforms, instruction and many other related materials. Financial support from the MBA supplements the budget allocated by LCPS. For example, the Band Tower was purchased with funds raised by the MBA. There are many opportunities for parents to provide support, either by giving of their time or financially. All parents are encouraged to join the MBA and support key fund raising events and campaigns throughout the year.

Boosters Mission

Our job as Boosters is to help Mr. Minnick continue to help our band program advance toward the world-class program he envisions. The Music Boosters provide support, not direction. Like other band programs, much of the needed equipment and instruction may go to individual sections of the band (especially to percussion, Falconaires, and jazz bands) rather than being spread evenly across all band members. This is not favoritism but a focused effort to provide for these ensembles that do not receive traditional funding, as well as to enhance the band sound and image as a whole entity. As boosters and parents of performing students, we need to understand that we fund the band program as a whole and not our student’s section or particular instrument. At the MBA meetings we welcome your opinion and feedback. If you disagree with the way we are raising or spending money, please let us know in a positive and constructive manner. We also encourage you to identify alternative approaches that are better for the band program. After all, we are a voting body and all MBA members have a right to be heard, make motions, and vote on motions – reflecting our democratic ideals.

Upcoming Boosters Events

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